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PUBLIC RELATIONS PROFESSIONALS. Increase Their Company’s Visibility With ACCESSWIRE’s Press Release Distribution Service

The key to success as a Public Relations pro is to attract attention from media outlets, bloggers, and social media influencers, all of which can favorably impact your company’s bottom line, brand awareness and lead generation.

Other press release distributors can’t match ACCESSWIRE’s Flat Fee Pricing. We don’t charge unnecessary additional fees for including logos, multimedia, images, or embedded video. We also don’t put word limits on your news (but we do recommend keeping your news to a single page whenever possible).

ACCESSWIRE’s pr distribution network spans time zones around the globe, so that journalists, social media influencers, and bloggers can keep up with your company’s news, no matter where they are.

The ACCESSWIRE advantage allows you to connect while you:

  • Raise your company’s visibility to targeted contacts, including those working at local media outlets, trade publications, and major news organizations
  • Drive more meaningful traffic (interested journalists and potential sales leads) to your business’s website
  • Attract more followers on your social media accounts
  • Sync your current and future public relations efforts with your company’s marketing strategy, to identify opportunities for unified messaging that can complement and strengthen campaigns
Agency PR pros know that optimum success comes by following a content distribution plan that will get press releases seen by the right audience at the right time. Earning the trust of your clients is of the utmost importance, and part of that is knowing that you are offering them the best options available.

ACCESSWIRE is here for you! We are ready to assist you in choosing the customized content distribution plan that is the right fit, and one that will help build and grow brand awareness.

Purchase a pay-as-you-go plan or choose one of our bundle options for additional savings on our content distribution network.

Why sacrifice text, images, media in your story when you don't have to? With ACCESSWIRE you get press release distribution service where it matters the most, with no hidden fees. We make it easy for you to publish an online press release to gain visibility in front of potential customers.
  • NO word counts or coverage fees when you submit your press release for distribution!
  • NO multimedia fees – embedded YouTube Videos included!
  • NO fees or extra word charges for social media links!
  • NO extra charges to add logos in your press release contact info!

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Once you see how comprehensive ACCESSWIRE’s Public Relations Press Release Distribution Service is, you will understand why companies around the world rely on us for all their IR needs.
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